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Speaker Profile

Speaker Profile

Miranda Bishop

As the Director and main Trainer at Talking Social Media I'm available for speaking bookings in South Wales, along the M4 corridor and across the UK. Take a look below for some video examples of previous talks given at a variety of different events.

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Panel Hacking

Panel Hacking

Disrupting the all-male panel

Take a look at why conferences need a more even gender split on panels and beyond.

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Speaking Background

As much as being the only English child in a Welsh school made my public speaking ability soar, that's not my only credential. At 26, I'm young in the speaker circuit providing exuberance in a modern and exciting industry. I started speaking professionally after intense training in LA for a global travel brand, speaking in front of thousands of students across continents promoting exceptional volunteering experiences.

When I started my own business, it made complete sense to use these skills in promoting my services. Coincidentally a few weeks prior I had discovered the local speaking event Ignite Cardiff. The event is like a mash-up between Petcha Kucha and TED talks so I was instantly sold and had signed myself up.

Since then I've spoken at conferences, panels, design events, launch parties and a host of networking events and seminars. I like to make sure my talks are laced with ruthless pragmatism and practical advice: keeping well clear of the usual 'social media ninja/guru' fodder. I use real examples, case studies and results. I enjoy a great Q&A and happily host debate with delight.

I recently hacked an all-male panel at Oi15 when Andrew Grill of IBM invited me up on stage to address the gender balance. Often a big problem in the conference industry, I now speak frequently on Women in Technology, Digital and Social Media having recently completely a Post Grad in Mentoring For Entrepreneurial Practice from a gendered perspective.

Take a look at a few more subjects I speak frequently about below. Each of these topics can range in time frame according to your needs and the few listed below are by no means exhaustive. But I'm sure if I listed everything I'd like to talk about then we'd be here for a while...

Social Media Basics

Digital Disruption

Many industries are still seriously struggling with where to start on Social Media. This talk is ideal for start-ups, those who are just beginning to get to grips with digital or more traditional industries which are in danger of being left behind by digital disruption.

Speaking at Ignite Cardiff - Online Dating For Beginners

Speaking at Design Stuff Cardiff - Why People Don't Pay For Design

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