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I was initially approached by Jack and Dan from RecRock in passing as we were both a part of Welsh ICE (a fantastic centre for enterprise in Caerphilly).

RecRock are a new green-friendly company that aims to inspire individuals of all ages to learn to play an instrument and support performers. They provide opportunities to try instruments for free, host workshops for schools and the community, offer affordable and quality private tuition, as well as organising and promoting gigs and events, all with recycled and donated instruments.

Starting out from a basic ‘We need more followers’ conversation I asked them to come up with a few main points on what they were really looking for from their social media so I could put together a consultation. I asked them to think about what they’d like as specific outcomes and for a particular target audience that they were looking to engage on Facebook and Twitter. They specified their intended outcomes as the following:

- To understand the use and application of Twitter and Facebook to increase custom

- To increase the database of local people not already associated with the company

- To increase awareness of what RecRock offers

- General Social Media Do's and Don'ts

- To investigate management tools to increase productivity

- Search Engine Optimisation

Finding a Social Media Solution

Finding a Social Media Solution

Knowing the two guys in a personal capacity and having seen them often in the South Wales music scene at live gigs I knew they are both digitally savvy and engaging as well as using Facebook especially quite often on a personal level. Working from their brief and their website I hosted a full consultation with them on using their Facebook and Twitter to full capacity.

First off I gave them a few stats on how Facebook and Twitter is used, how often and by whom so they could see why it was going to be useful for them along with general Do’s and Don’ts

General Housekeeping

Whilst the RecRock Facebook and Twitter pages were up and being posted to a few times a week neither had enough of the right details in their listings.

Giving Jack and Dan a few simple and clear action points and working from the copy on their website, I gave suggestions for the descriptions in both to both market them as an engaging company and also increase SEO.

Calls to Action

Whilst Social Media shouldn’t ever be used as purely as a sales channel the RecRock pages had little direction in where to point their followers.

I gave suggestions for easy changes to the current visuals that take advantage of new Facebook changes to cover pictures. These will increase web traffic and put contact details directly in front of their users.

Updates and Management

Introducing RecRock to a few free automation applications dramatically increased their productivity.

Using their unique style and passion for the local music scene I made recommendations on increasing non-text based updates with specific examples.

I also made recommendations on how to increase shares on updates, post offers and competitions to increase ‘friend of friend’ traffic and recommendations. These will all help their products/services become more easily sellable and direct their users straight to how to buy them.


To increase a sharing and interactive presence I gave Dan and Jack action points based around valuing their followers and how to promote them retweeting, sharing content and opening up dialogues.

Voice was established easily as their brand is young, fresh and recognizable. An action point was to make sure each of their personalities was reflected such by signing off tweets/updates as themselves and using informal speech.

Increase in followings

I gave the gents simple action points that they could use to engage their current customers and use their website traffic and other contacts to engage their prospects on Twitter and Facebook. In the few days after which they implemented these techniques they saw a dramatic increase in followings.

As output from the consultation I gave RecRock an action plan, a visual factsheet for social media and will be continuing to measure their progress concluding with a full statistical report.


Jack Cooper - RecRock

"As someone who considers themselves a technological savvy person already I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I learnt. My company has already put Miranda's advice and tips into effect and within days we'd doubled our followers on both Facebook and Twitter"

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