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09 August

Week 1 in Porto: Getting my Bearings

In case I haven’t been spamming you enough with some envy-worthy Instagram posts, you may or may not know that I’m currently working from sunny Portugal instead of Cardiff. I’m on…

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04 August

10 Essentials For Remote Working

I’m making good on my promise of doing several blogs whilst I’m here in Porto (smug face). This next piece is a list of super helpful items or services that…

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25 July

No Power Dressing In Porto

After three years of working for myself, and four of having no holidays at all, this year I decided it was time to set off some fireworks. Being self-employed means…

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12 May

Social Media and Asset-Based Lending

  Rubbing Shoulders with John Humphrys – ABFA Conference Dublin     Social Media and Asset-Based Lending   Last week between normal work and two very good friends tying the…

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11 May

Everyone freak out: Instagram has a new look

  Ok guys, hold on to your hats. The big Ig has a brand new look and it’s time to prepare yourselves.     Now let’s be honest. Bloody no-one…

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21 January

Ready to Re:Program

  Everyone who I work with knows that I seriously love a side project. Large tech companies like Google actively encourage their employees to take time out for personal projects…

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RT @IgniteCardiff: Awesome to see some fantastic coverage of #IgniteCardiffDeluxe in @insiderwales Take a look! #compassgetscoverage https:…
How Scheduling Instagram Content Can Actually Make You More Spontaneous
Facebook to Test GIFs in Comments Starting Next Week
@Jay_Perkins yeah it definitely makes you realise when you're being sedentary!
Officially smashing it today #fitbit #Fitbitalta
I cleaned my car, did chores, shopped, made dinner and went for a run today. Well done Miranda, you are officially a functional adult woman
This looks so awesome! Just hope they don't try to cram too much in #justiceleague
@steviephil awesome thanks steve