What's the story? 

Over the past five years I've held a variety of roles in marketing and sales. Whilst I've mostly been based around Cardiff, I've also spent time state-side from California to Kansas, travelling and working as a regional director for a volunteer company.

During this time I amassed a great deal of experience in working for both large internationals and also in new start-up companies. Now it's about time I went ahead and started my own so here's my story!
Working in Nightlife

Working in Nightlife

Specialising in Social

Travelling overseas

Travelling overseas

Working as a Regional Director

My focus on Social Media comes from a background in student marketing (most specifically nightclub promotions). Facebook being originally a student focused platform after all lent itself exceptionally well to the fantastic nightlife in Cardiff.

Moving to one specific venue as a marketing and promotions assistant we built the Social Media for the club into the highest-populated and most-engaged with in the city. Many of the nights trended on Twitter attracting high-profile appearances and reality stars as pictured.
In Summer 2013 I made the decision to leave a marketing job with a local Caerphilly-based company after having potential customers actively seeking help with Social Media. The organic way people approached me (on Social Media quite often) and the amazing people I was surrounded by in Welsh ICE gave me the confidence to take the plunge and set-up independently so here I am!
I've spent years in previous roles training new members of staff and often management on how to use and manage their social media account to increase business.

I always approach training in a very hands-on way as the best way to learn is often by doing! I offer one-to-on services with plenty of hand-holding if needs be, or more extensive training on how to measure and optimise social media for those more confident with their efforts.
How to begin?

How to begin?

Putting pen to paper

Social Media

Social Media

Bespoke, Practical Training and Advice

I'm lucky enough to operate out of the gorgeous office space of Creo Interactive in The Old Church, Wells Street, Cardiff. Training rooms here are a great space in which to bounce around ideas, get creative and see for yourself what Social Media can bring to a business.

I always like to meet clients face to face first if possible so I can get to know them and their businesses so if you'd like to know more please call/email any time and I'll be happy to help.

Give me a call on 02922 331122
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