So I got myself on Social Media, what next?

So I got myself on Social Media, what next?

I heard a fantastic analogy the other day from Sarah Hughes at Linked4Success on one of her webinars stating that you don’t just get in your car and start driving without knowing where you want to end up. Well it should be exactly the same for Social Media.

Chances are in the business sphere you’re aware that you need a social media presence. Chances are that you’re also not quite sure why, which avenues are best to explore and exactly what to post on them. A few years ago only 12% of businesses believed they used social media effectively according to the Harvard Business Review.

Today’s economic climate whilst hindering certain aspects of the business world, also means that more and more people are looking at finding their feet in their own enterprises, entrepreneurship and innovation. Add into this the now established, but still fairly new and scary marketing or customer service of Social Media and that’s a recipe for a LOT of work, effort and often stress.

Check out the picture below that has been circulated pretty widely amongst social media buffs (and widely recreated along the way). It’s a great way of drilling down to exactly what is the crux of each of the major social media platforms (with a little banter thrown in toward Google+ for good measure. Picture courtesy of Douglas Wray/@ThreeShipsMedia who fittingly posted this via Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/nm695


Over the coming weeks I’ll be using this blog to simplify down each platform and really figure out exactly what is helpful about each and why they can benefit your business. I’ll also be putting together a few ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ along the way so you can see why your accounts might be getting likes, followers etc but not resulting in real sales and helpful connections.

Please go ahead and post comments below – what do YOU want to know more about or what do you find your main struggles when ‘getting social’?

2 thoughts on “So I got myself on Social Media, what next?
  1. Caroline Archer says:

    Great post- looking forward to the next 🙂

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