It's a Team Effort!

Are you the only one with access to your company Twitter account? Is it pretty quiet when you go on holiday? Time to get the rest of your team up-to-speed on the latest Social Media Training!

Group Sessions
Oi Conference

Oi Conference

'That Question'

After asking a question at Oi Conference 2015 I found myself appearing as an impromptu panel speaker with speakers from IBM, Yahoo and Salesforce.

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Take a look at our Official Launch

Take a look at our Official Launch

On 28th August we launched the new branding and Company name for Miranda Bishop Social Media Training

Talking Social Media
What's it all about?

What's it all about?

Do you struggle to make sense of Social?



Figure out why your Facebook 'Likes' aren't translating and improve engagement. Take a look at Facebook training, applications and management to help you improve your presence on the biggest platform out there.

Facebook Services


Utilise the largest professional social network in the world to drive sales


Need an insight into Twitter? Learn how to stop wasting time, improve your productivity, establish your expertise to your audience and get yourself seen for all the right reasons


Facebook is still the biggest social network in the world. Learn why it could benefit your business and find the tools to make it manageable and efficient.


Utilise the leading professional social network and access over 300 million business people online


Many people aren't fans of Google+, but with the power of Google search behind it, this platform cannot be ignored for it's SEO value alone.


Pinterest is a retailer's dream but is also a fantastic platform for any business with strong visuals. Learn how to utilise the fastest growing social network now.


Instagram is a great supplement to many of the other social platforms. Learn how it can neatly slot into your social media strategy and help improve traffic.

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@Jay_Perkins yeah it definitely makes you realise when you're being sedentary!
Officially smashing it today #fitbit #Fitbitalta
I cleaned my car, did chores, shopped, made dinner and went for a run today. Well done Miranda, you are officially a functional adult woman
This looks so awesome! Just hope they don't try to cram too much in #justiceleague
@steviephil awesome thanks steve